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Avallon is a market accelerator for the next generation of asset classes. With support from our top of the line methodology and dynamic team members, Avallon excels at implementing cutting age solutions to novel spaces.

"We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters"

  • We find untapped potential
  • We apply the know-how to the problem
  • We bring the future closer

What we do:

Avallon constantly scans for new opportunities to bring together entrepreneurs, investors and impassioned professionals to enable innovative opportunities. We select underdevelopped markets in which we can position ourselves as market leaders.

Exclusive access

We operate peerless in bespoke markets, in which we can implement exclusive solutions through our network of thought leaders.


Our mission is to expand markets in order to offer more innovative solutions using technology and financial thinking to improve quality, transparency and outcomes.


The Avallon vision is to spur change, growth and cultivate the world, disrupting conventional complacency and stagnant fiefdoms, promoting the best experience for consumers and unleashing progress so instead of 140 characters our children may have flying cars

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Check Out Our Team

John Vermassen


Having founded his first startup on key platform shifts in the music space as a freshman, and leveraging his training as a financial engineer and knowledge ontologist together with subsequent experience across the bulge bracket and leading information services firms consulting in renovations of financial technology and data services, he apprehended the seismic change coming to the non-financial spaces around data services and founded Avallon.

He provided Avallon's core vision and recruited a select team on the basis of the intersection of domain interests and varied experience required to realize unconventional and bespoke opportunities.

Alexander Alejandre


Alex leads up holistic operations, keeping focus on fine-grain design, development, and implementation pipeline, and will continue to prove instrumental to the proprietary enablement of the Avallon vision.

A keystone problem-solver, Alex comes from a broad end-application space and technique engineering training and career portfolio, including co-location helmsmanship for an offshore, end-to-end, software development outsourcing vendor. He brings nearly a decade of software development and product management experience coordinating worldwide teams with a passion for merging algorithmic trading with value investing.

Steven Vermassen


"I'm not a computer scientist, but an engineer - I build things."

Steven leads the data science insights and methodology evaluation through performance assurance efforts for Avallon to realize the first-in-market technology-as-strategy vision.

An innovation maverick, emerging out of academic and career roots across full-stack development and data science, Steven draws on diverse experiences across software project consulting, specializing in crisis remedial and delivery re-engineering projects. He supplied grit and creativity from where visioned and scoped blueprint projects went wrong, while moonlighting on experimentation and research to prove technical feasibility for our more exotic bespoke opportunities.

Justyna Borwik

Program Manager

Responsible for all of the company’s effort allocations and workflow control, coordinating discrete business lines, Justyna uses advanced actuarial tools and project management expertise to price new ventures and allocate commensurate resources to them.

She is a key mentor to product managers and actively develops resources in Central Europe.


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